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The beginning of an adventure: Glasgow as a basecamp


Suddenly, it was the day when we were facing the moment of our lives. Finally we were living abroad pursuing professional and personal dreams, and reaching new landscapes and experiences became a must-do. With the basecamp in Glasgow, Scotland, where we study and work, we decided to get to know one of the most incredible places in this world as much as possible.

The list of incredible places that Scotland offers is endless, and we knew for certain that we wouldn't like to miss any element of that list. The budget was one of our big concerns and the free time we have, the other one.


Armed with backpacks, cameras, a drone, canes and spikes, we face now the adventure. As this is the introductory post of the blog, we will not give many details of the trip we had that time. Next post will be certainly a more detailed description of our trip. If you find yourself reading these lines be sure that we appreciate any feedback regarding our content. If you need or want to know any extra detail, please ask us. We are eager to share. See you around !

A & S The Arctic Tern

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